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Gidday peopl

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Gidday avid watchers and welcome to Col's Corner.

I've finally got around to updating the site

and there has been lots happening over the

last 6 months, like me breaking my leg

at Thredbo, all of the birthdays, including

Amber's 18th and her graduation from school.

The Extension

The extension is just about ready to move

into and the carpet goes down next week.

The feature wall is finished and what a

project that was, but I like it.

Thanks to Pinko, Mirko, Kingsley, Mary, Brett, Ross, Pete, Rob, Ben and Justine (most importantly), the kids & all your mates and anyone else that I've missed, for all your help so far. But don't panic, there's plenty more to do.


The Snow


Amber's Graduation



Amber's 18th





Welcome to Col's Corner.

This is my personal web site for the amusement and entertainment of anyone who wants to have a look at what the Ingo's and our friends are up to. There are 7 of us, Justine, myself and 5 kids, so there is always something happening and never a dull moment.

We are currently doing an extension to the Ingo Residence so we can all fit in. I had considered putting up a tent for the kids but that would

have ruined the grass. So while the renovations are underway I'll chuck some pictures on the site and you can check out the progress.






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(only kidding)



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